Getting the most bang for your bonus is easy when you know how

When new players are searching for an online casino to join, they are inevitably drawn to the tempting bonuses that are always on offer. The chances are that they’ll opt for the best casino bonus they can find without realising there are certain conditions governing how to clear casino bonus payments. Online casinos have to impose restrictions to prevent new players signing up for perhaps, a 200% increase on their initial deposit, then withdrawing the funds immediately and closing their account leaving the casino to quickly go out of business. If that seems like fair play, the next step is to figure out how to spend the bonus – fast!

Choosing The Best Casino Bonus

Many online casinos offer up to 250% welcome bonuses, but the best bonus isn’t necessarily the largest. Before rushing in, its wise to do a little research and read the terms and conditions to learn what the exact rollover requirements are and whether there is a time limit. Online casinos commonly restrict the playing of bonuses to games with lower wagering requirements such as online slots, so check that the game you’re longing to play isn’t excluded. If you don’t keep an eye on things, time limits can quickly expire before you’ve managed to clear a casino bonus, while some games can be played for extra points which might help in clearing quickly. Trying to withdraw any winnings before you’ve cleared a bonus is not advisable. Once again, always read the small print to find out the casino rules. Some may cancel any funds earned through playing a bonus while others might offer the option of cancelling the bonus altogether.

Casino Wagering Requirements

When making deposits, make the initial one the largest even if subsequent bonuses are more sizeable than the first, as later restricted bonuses will seem like a big setback after you’ve waded your way through the first. Wagering requirements can be 20, 40, even 50 times your deposit plus the bonus. As an example, a cash bonus of £100 added to a deposit of £100, making a total of £200, would have playthrough requirements of £10,000. If there was a time limit and games restriction, would you play fast enough on a game you dislike? Would you ever be able to access any winnings? Luckily, there are plenty of tricks that can help.

What To Play To Clear A Bonus

Whether there’s a time limit or not, most players prefer to play through their welcome bonuses as fast as possible in order to start playing without restrictions on their preferred games and to be able to withdraw any winnings they’ve acquired. Most start playing immediately to get the job over and done with and if they have chosen their online casino with care, they should still be playing a game they like such as roulette or blackjack. The casino wagering requirements in these games are often set high when using bonus payments. If you’re lucky enough to be playing roulette for instance, its preferable to place bets with the highest probability factor such as red/black, three columns or a dozen, rather than playing for what you’d rather bet. Remember that once you’ve cleared your bonus, you can play however you wish.

Cheeky Tricks

Pay attention to the playthrough requirements combined with the interest pay-out percentages on various games. Use any free demonstration games to help figure them out. Then by choosing the most appropriate game and placing smaller bets, the bonus can be cleared relatively quickly without making too many losses. If there is a restriction on which games you can use to clear an “unwelcome” bonus, and you find yourself doomed to playing thousands of spins at online slots before tackling your favourite table games, look for an auto play mode and set it to the highest setting needed to clear your bonus.

Getting The Most Bang

All online casinos offer bonuses to tempt players to register with them and as a lure to keep new players loyal only to them. Offering bonuses without restrictions and time limits would be very profitable for players but would mean certain doom for the casinos themselves. Players can soon be playing their preferred games in a way they like by deciding to clear casino bonus payments quickly but shouldn’t waste them. Choose welcome bonuses carefully to minimize the time it takes to get through them and to maximise any winnings.