What Are The Benefits Of Online Gambling Versus A Land Based Casino?

The casino industry is booming, with more players choosing to gamble online. The benefits of online gambling vary to that of land based casinos. With new online casinos launched fairly regularly for players to test out, there are many reasons to move to online gambling. There are a number of online casinos in the UK currently all with generous offers for new players, including deposit bonuses and free spins.

Land Casinos

Land casinos do offer a more immersive experience for gamblers, particularly when it comes to table games. Some gamblers may also prefer the atmosphere that comes with a land based casino, and the offer of free food and refreshments. Traditionally land based casinos were the only place players could gamble, but with the introduction of the internet came online casinos. Online casinos often offer players more perks than those found in an average land based casino. Although a land based casino does offer perks based on loyalty and play, it is generally in the form of free food, drinks, accomodation. Online casinos on the other hand, usually give perks with monetary value, like bonuses, or free play with the potential for players to make more money.

Online Casinos

Online casinos offer players the chance to gamble and potentially win large sums of money from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to this, online casinos usually allow gamblers to play 24 hour per day, with land based casinos often being restricted by opening hours.

Benefits Of Online Gambling And Its Effect On The Casino Industry

The casino industry does suffer when it comes to online gambling, although casinos always have the house advantage, playing online does give players a slight advantage over playing in a land based casino. For example, online gambling allows players to switch between hundreds of casino games with a simple click of a mouse. This means that if a player is not doing too well on one particular game, they can quickly move on to another, a process that isn’t as fast in a land based casino.

Online casinos also allow players to play with less distraction, and less distraction means more attention is devoted to the game at hand, and potentially winning. Land based casinos are fairly noisy with a number of games all going on at the same time, it is easy for players to get distracted by the visual and audible stimulation.

In addition to this, players can be fickle when it comes to online casinos, with so many available it is easy to switch between websites and reap the benefits of each of them. For example, if a player is unhappy with their results after playing at one online casino, they can simply sign up to a new online casino and will often be rewarded with bonus funds or free spins. All of these examples have an impact on the revenue generated by online casinos, and highlight how they can be used to a players advantage as opposed to land based gambling.

More Benefits Of Online Gambling

  1. No Need For Chips – Carrying around stacks of chips and keeping count of their value can be difficult, giving players less control over their play. Online casinos eliminate this problem and the players balance is always displayed and easily visible, making it easier to keep track of funds.
  2. Better Selection Of Slots – Often, in land based casinos players are restricted by the number of slots that are on offer. Some casinos will have fixed betting terminals that with have a range of slots, others will have terminals dedicated to one particular slot. Online casinos usually have a far superior selection of slots available to players.
  3. Less Expenses – Online casinos allow players to gamble at home at any time of day, this means there is no need for travel or accomodation expenses that can often accumulate when visiting land based casinos.
  4. Safety – Land based casinos can attract criminals that target winners leaving the casino. Gambling online means that exposure to mugging, or cons is eradicated. With online casinos required to display licences, players can also rest assured that websites are secure and their funds are safe.
  5. Bigger Wins – Online slot games have a higher payout percentage than slots found in land based casinos. This is due to a number of factors including additional bonuses and features, and auto-play functions. Online slots often require a lot less knowledge regarding their operation than slots found in land based casinos.