The overlooked and underrated online casino game – Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance where you can win instant cash prizes. With the digital era, you can play Bingo in the comfort of your home. Many UK casinos are offering exciting online bingo games for you to play, enjoy and win substantial online bingo bonus. You can as well enjoy playing Bingo at offline Bingo at some UK casinos.

Online bingo games

The main variations of online bingo games offered at online bingo sites include 75 ball bingo, the UK bingo also known as 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 30 ball bingo, and other exclusive games you can play and win big. The numbers in the bingo games refer to total numbers on the grid on bingo cards used to play the game. The games require you to match the cards specified in different shapes, could be straight line among others to win the Bingo online.

How to play bingo

The various bingo games have a different set of a card but how to play bingo is the same.

The 75 ball Bingo

The 75 ball bingo is a classical game using 75 numbers. The game divides 75 numbers into five groups according to letters of bingo. B runs from 1-15, I from 16-30, N from 31-45, G from 46-60 and O from 61-75. To win players, need to complete a specified pattern which are defined at the start of the game. You can also win the game if you have 24 numbers, or get a vertical, diagonal or horizontal line after marking when random numerals are called out. The Bingo cards are squared five by 5 to total 25 spaces with free space centre for all players.

90 Ball Bingo

The basic rule for bingo is similar to 75 ball bingo, but the bingo card and patterns change. The game utilises 90 numbers. The Bingo tickets consist of three rows with nine numbers per rows. Each player has five numbers per row where the other spaces remain clear meaning 15 areas. The first column contains numbers 1-9, the second 10-19 until the last column which has 81-90. The game awards the winning tickets in three stages as line 1, line 2 and the full house. The 90 ball bingo awards at least three winners. The player with required one full range wins the first prize, where second with two complete full lines win the next title.

The 80 ball bingo

It as a favourite for players who find 90 balls a bit long or 75 too short and happy to play at a midpoint. The 80 ball bingo uses 80 numbers and four by four bingo cards totalling to 16. Additionally, 80 ball bingo has columns coloured differently. With the first column being numbers 1-20, second is with numbers 21-40, third with 41-60, and forth with numbers 61-80. To win players have to mark defined patterns such as vertical lines or specified shapes.

Start Playing Online Bingo

Having now understood different kinds of online bingo games, you can start playing bingo online. Some UK casinos offer lots of fun bingo games you can choose. When playing Bingo online, a programmed random computer generates the numbers required for you to win. The random selection of numerals enhances the fairness of the online bingo game. Also, when playing in casino halls, the computer technology for generating randomly called numbers is common. The more you purchase cards, the fast you need to find out the numbers announced to enhance the chance of winning the online bingo game. Online Bingo automatically calls Bingo to notify players of the winner of the game. If you win online bingo UK, the prizes reflect automatically.

Online Bingo Bonus

Some online bingo in the UK offers online bingo bonus when you sign up an account on their online casino site. Other sites provide daily jackpots and mega jackpots for playing bingo. Additionally, you entitled to deposit bonus after your first deposit in some online casinos. There fantastic bingo offers and promotions that will welcome you to the world of the bingo game. Remember responsible gambling is encouraged.