Is Labouchere the best strategy to use at the casino?

A roulette player Henry Labouchere introduced Labouchere roulette system in the 19th century. The system was originally introduced to be used at the roulette table, and it was to be placed on bets outside the table like odds, even, red or black. Labouchere betting system is one of the complicated betting strategies ever used. It is known under several different names like the cancellation system, split martingale system and the American progression system. The main idea of the Labouchere roulette system is to recover some of your losses by winning multiple smaller wins.

1. How it works

Although the Labouchere betting system is the most complicated strategies of all time is quite simple once you get the hang of the rules. The game is preferred when playing for money outside the bets this money includes odds and evens, red and black, and 1-18/19-36. The most interesting feature of the strategy is that it can be used with any even number of money bet, even if it is on other games like blackjack, baccarat or sports.

• Choose a number sequence

Before playing any game, the first thing the player needs to do is to choose a number sequence and write it down. There are no restrictions here, and you can choose any sequence you love and are comfortable with it. Calculating the bests is a little complicated, and a Labouchere calculator is needed for you to keep up with the calculations, the losses and profits.

• It uses a simple and easy to remember the sequence

However, the primary principle is very simple to follow if you are using a simple and easy to remember the sequence. The primary idea of the betting system is that each time you place a bet its stake equals to the sum of the first and last number in your sequence. For example, if your sequence was 1,2,3,4, then your betting amount should be (1+4) which is £5. If you get a winning the first and the last number in your sequence is cancelled. You are left with the other numbers in your sequence, and the next betting should equal the sum of the second and second last number. If you win for the second time, then your sequence is over, and you should start a new sequence.

• Best strategy as stakes don’t boost up rapidly

If you happen to lose in the game, then the losing bet is added to your sequence to make a longer chain. In this case, you get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as your new sequence number. The Labouchere strategy is the best roulette systems strategy because the stakes don’t boost up rapidly, but they rise with time as you play. Additionally, you have high chances of evening out your loss and getting your betting money back.

2. Is the betting system still used today?

The Labouchere roulette system is still used to this day to calculate your profit and loss. Although, some online roulette has incorporated the use of the Labouchere calculator in their system to simplify the method. The method is still widely used in many casinos around the globe. The main disadvantage of the game is the idea of writing down every win or loss. However, if you don’t mind the constant writing, then this betting system is the right one for you.

3. Advantages of the Labouchere betting system

• It is flexible

The Labouchere betting system is flexible, and it allows you to bet on your terms. You don’t have to bet on a predetermined sequence. Instead, you get to choose your betting sequence.

• It allows you to base your sequence on the min

Something that always limits people while playing is the amount of cash they have at hand. But with the use of the system, you can place your bets on a margin that is affordable. The downside of this is you won’t get a lot of profits, but you will not end up broke when playing your favourite betting game.

• Makes the game interesting

Most of the online roulette games are incorporating this betting system in their sites as it adds an interesting factor while playing. The idea of betting using a sequence makes your gaming very interesting and fun.


Labouchere betting system is one of the best roulette systems to use in any casino whether on land casinos or online roulette casinos. The method is still in use since the 19th century, and it is preferred in most casinos as a betting system.